Twisting Catacombs, Litchmyre Dungeon on Kickstarter

I ran across this one on Kickstarter the other day and glanced at it really quick. Then, I saw D-Verse Publishing, LLC. back it and I gave it another look. This is not a tabletop game, but are hand-sculpted miniatures by Boris Woloszyn. Group shot

What caught my eye right away is the old-school look of all the characters. It reminded me a lot of the artwork my friends would draw in study hall circa 1990. The dwarf hero and the goblin villain are two of my favorites.

According to the Kickstarter page, the miniatures are divided into three size tiers which are ‘Hero Sized’, ‘Mighty Sized’ and ‘Monstrous Sized,’ but do not give the dimensions of them. Each tier has its own price point with the option to upgrade from standard resin to either metal or premium resin as an add-on. ‘Hero Size’ miniatures are available for a pledge as low as $7 USD and sets are available to purchase as well.

Goblin and Orc

The Kickstarter itself is done pretty well. There is a modest, yet realistic funding goal, stretch goals, and a the pricing seems more than fair. I like the way they tell us about their history of producing miniatures for Kickstarter, this one being their third. They also give homage to their roots as they say, “We are heavily inspired by classic RPG games; playing old fantasy games from the 80s is what started all this madness in the first place!” I am glad to see there are still people in the industry that enjoy the old look and feel from the 80s and 90s.


If you get a moment, go check out their Kickstarter, which is already funded, and maybe throw them some love. If we want old-school stuff to make a comeback, we need to support those that are making it possible!

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