NEXUS — What do they have planned next?

When I caught up with Jay Goike and Scott Rumptz after their day of shooting video, they were obviously tired, but I didn’t let that stop me from taking advantage of an opportunity to ask some more questions.  This time I was curious to find out what they had planned after the Kickstarter August 1st.

Scott and Jay tell me about how the outpouring of support from people both in person and online tells them they are going in the right direction and how exciting it is when someone comments and likes the game of NEXUS.

When I asked about the big driving factors for D-Verse Publishing, LLC and what keeps them dreaming of new things, Jay and Scott tell me about how they are inspired by the artists and the infinite amount of worlds out there to explore. They said they want creators, designers, and industry people to be able to continue doing what they love to do.

Scott and Jay tells me that D-Verse Publishing, LLC does not end with the game of NEXUS. In fact, it is just the beginning. They want to continue to bring in more and more talented people from across the industry to make innovative and nostalgic games for years to come.

I am really enjoying doing these video interviews with Scott Rumptz and Jay Goike with D-Verse Publishing, LLC. I get to learn more about their philosophy behind the game and what drives them to put in the long hours and work so hard to bring a new game to the market.

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