NEXUS – Who are these guys?

So, my friends Scott Rumptz and Jay Goike just got finished on an all day video shoot this past weekend and I decided to barge in and give them an impromptu interview . My thought is that when people decided to back a Kickstarter, they are not just buying into a game, but the people behind it. In this mini-series, you will get to learn a bit more about the guys at D-Verse Publishing, LLC and their debut game NEXUS which will be on Kickstarter August 1st.

Forgive my microphone, I had it on directional which picked their voices up great, but mine was a bit muffled — silly mistake, but I got the important part.

So, without further adieu, hear is Scott and Jay telling me about their journey so far and how it seems like all their previous projects were preparing them for this one.

Scott and Jay talk to me about how the game was received at Origins 2018. Jay was hearing so much positive things about NEXUS, he kinda thought maybe the entire convention was punking him lol.

When Jay and Scott first started playing games together as kids, they often changed the rules of the game to fit them. They incorporated this type flexibility inside NEXUS as almost a “sandbox tabletop game”. Here they tell about “house-rules” and “self-generating narrative” in the game.

As the game continues to be noticed by more people in the community and more information is released, I think I would like to know more not just about this game, but the future plans of Scott and Jay at D-Verse Publishing, LLC.

Next time, I will focus on what their ultimate goals are for the continuation of making innovative and nostalgic games.

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To learn more about NEXUS, check out their website here: or you can visit their Facebook page

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