Artist Spotlight: an Interview with Danny Cruz

Nothing seems to catch my attention faster than a good piece of artwork. Art that is done well tells an entire story which is communicated in just a few seconds. The skill required to accomplish this takes years to acquire — and a lifetime to perfect. Some artists sit down, create their art, and think nothing of it — others, like the one I interviewed earlier this week, study and hone their craft for an entire lifetime.

This past week I was fortunate enough to speak with the very talented artist, Danny Cruz. You may have seen his work on the game Kingdom Death: Monster. Danny shared some insights about his experience as an artist and what types of projects he enjoys working on.


*Art by Danny Cruz

I asked Danny how he got his start as an artist and what were his early inspirations. Like many others, Danny started drawing at a young age and realized he had a talent for it. Listen to what he shared with me about his early years and which artists caught his eye. 


I think everyone loves a “big break” story. Danny tells me how he got a couple of big breaks that he still benefits from to this day. He says he no longer has to go out and find work, rather the work seems to find him as a result of previous success.


What I found interesting is that although Danny has had such a great response to his art, he sets the bar for himself almost impossibly high. He tells me he is constantly trying to improve on his skills — trying to “level up” enough to impress his most harsh critic — himself. 


Danny---Hoarder*Art by Danny Cruz

Being new to the tabletop gaming world, I wouldn’t know who Danny Cruz is if it wasn’t for his current work with D-Verse Publishing and their game Nexus. I was curious to see what he had to say about the lore in Nexus and how he brought the characters in the game to life.


Getting a glimpse into the mind of an incredibly talented artist such as Danny Cruz was a great experience. Danny’s never-ending quest to perfect his craft is nothing short of motivational. He is a great example of someone who was given an ability and rather than squander it, he has turned it into something that will move and inspire people for generations to come.

If you would like to see more of Danny’s art, you can visit his DeviantArt page at

Next time I will be sharing the interview I did with the artist Michael Rechlin — also known as Viking Myke. It will be interesting to see Myke’s perspective on being an artist in the world of tabletop gaming.

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